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After 30+ years in the antiques business of searching, finding, picking etc. and world record held prices, I like doing well for people. I get a ‘ buzz’ out of people doing extremely well! Particularly if if is from an item which has always been thought to be of little value! I could give countless examples of alleged worthless items which have gone on to make thousands of pounds. Indeed the great story of the man looking around the Victoria and Albert museum who says ‘I have got one of those’ went on to contact me and now holds a world record price (and sold in England). It has always been my knowledge to know what particular market is best for an item. Many auctions say they can do everything – not so! There are selling auctions and buying auctions. For instance a local Village Hall auction cannot hope to achieve the prices for a piece of Titanic memorabilia that an auction who specialises in such things gets? (Even after charges.) However, it could be especially good at something else! There are turnover auctions and there are auctions that really try – it is my job to know (and impart) that knowledge to owners.

Coming from an agricultural background I have not been party to throwing money away so often the correct knowledge can save and earn money!

The Complete Service

I will take on the complete sales of all items for you and provide accountability from choice items all the way through to items to be weighed in and complete clearance, indeed everything if needed or just plain advice! I want you to do well and abhor the fact that people get ripped off regularly!

Other Services Avaialable

Airport pick up service, organise hotels, chauffeur service to and from fairs, antique towns, antique warehouses, auctions, etc, offering advice (if needed)

Recommendations for restorers, shippers, etc.

Fill-in for holiday, paternity, illness, short term cover for front of house – antique shop, centre, auction, etc.

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